now reading: From Twins to Triplets & Beyond: Embracing the Multiples! 🥰
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From Twins to Triplets & Beyond: Embracing the Multiples! 🥰

From Twins to Triplets & Beyond: Embracing the Multiples! 🥰

Did you know that the rate of twin births has been steadily increasing over the years? It's pretty fascinating huh... to see how families with multiples are becoming more common in today's world.
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There are a number of contributing factors for this increase, including fertility treatments, i.e. IVF for parents having problems conceiving at any age, OR for women choosing to delay having children due to pursuing higher education, careers, or personal goals... & seek IVF at an older age. Genetics also plays a part - there has been an increase in the number of multiples passed down through, generations & so the likelihood increases for that future bloodline. Also, bearing in mind the advancement in prenatal care & technology has improved the survival rate significantly, & it's safer for women to carry and deliver multiple births now more than ever – respect! 👊

& a lot of us, myself, included, will never truly understand the enormity of this new additional responsibility handed to us when we discover that it's not just one baby you're expecting - it's more! Like one thing that always comes to mind is the juggling act of meeting the individual needs of each child, while also fostering a sense of unity and togetherness within the family. 😮 Again, respect! 👊

In New Zealand, we're celebrating multiples like twins, triplets or more! It's a chance to understand & appreciate the unique challenges & experiences that come with raising multiple kiddos at once! 👏 By celebrating Multiple Awareness Week, we get to learn, grow & support each other as a community. Together, we can create a more inclusive & understanding environment for families with multiples, where empathy and kindness can truly make a difference. 😘

& since we're in the midst of Multiples Awareness Week, I'm posting this tribute to parents & expectant parents of the ‘more-than-one-bub' club – A guide on how to be a supportive friend of parents of multiples! 😍🥰

Ways to helps our friends of multiples – EASY things we can do to support.

Offer Practical Help

Such as preparing meals, running errands or helping with household chores to lighten the load. Remember they're gonna be dealing with a lot of washing too – hint hint!🍲🛒🧹

Provide Emotional Support

Be there to listen - offering a shoulder to lean on & providing emotional support can make a significant difference for parents of multiples who may be feeling overwhelmed. 🤗💬❤️

Arrange Playdates or Outings

Organizing playdates or outings for the multiples can give the parents a break & provide the children with social interaction and stimulation. 🎈🎉👫

Gifts of Time

Offering the gift of time, whether it's babysitting for a few hours or giving the parents a chance to rest or have some time for themselves, can be a precious gesture of support. ⏰👩‍👧‍👦💆

Educate Yourself

Taking the time to educate yourself about the unique challenges & joys of raising multiples can help you better understand & support your friends who are embarking on this journey. 📚🧠👶👶👶

Supporting parents of multiples is crucial, & there are various resources available to assist them PLUS educate you to support them along their journey!

One valuable support resource is Multiples NZ, an organization dedicated to providing support and information to families with twins, triplets & more. You can find more information & access their services through their website.

I know what it's like to give birth to a single child, & honestly, I thought after the challenges & complications I went through, that climbing Mount Everest in comparison would be a piece of cake!! Not even, when you have multiples! 😝So, for all you parents & expecting parents of multiples, I take my hat off to you, with a huge amount of love & respect!! 🙇

Awareness weeks are all about shining a light on specific issues, causes or communities that might not always get the attention & love they deserve. & though just in NZ it's about Multiples Awareness, let's ensure we take it global this week, & all help our parents of the ‘more-than-one-bub' club. Everyone deserves a helping hand... or four!! 🤝💕👶👶👶🌟

Sofia 🩷





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