wheel hardware

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Replacement pair of 12 inch mudguards for phil&teds buggies rear wheel guards PT-PMudguard12setV6_ £19.99 GBP
phil&teds navigator wheel hubcap_black SOLD
navigator hubcap set PT-NAVhubcap_ £7.99 GBP sold out
phil&teds dash v5 and voyager 2015-2019 mud guard_black SOLD
dash voyager mud guards PT-PDAMGuard_ £4.99 GBP sold out
12" front wheel SOLD
12" front wheel PT-PFwheel12_ £36.00 GBP sold out
Replacement pair of mudguards for dot 2019+ strollers dot rear wheel guards PT-PMudguard10setV6_ £19.99 GBP